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Q1 2021

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The pandemic is increasing the call for brands to stand by their social responsibility.Examples: rent reductions, circumvention of pandemic rules, etc.In order to be able to grasp this responsibility of brands, it is not sufficient to evaluate a trade mark solely on the basis of brand value or the NPS. That's why, together with our partner Adwired, we have developed the Brand Fellowship Index to measure the social role of the brand against the dimensions of "reliability" and "attractiveness".

Both dimensions are composed of four parts. "Reliability" consists of the classic ESG criteria of sustainability as well as the employer brand, "attractiveness" of a kind of funnel of awareness and trust, through willingness to recommend and identification with the brand. Each category is evaluated on a scale from 0 to 100 – always relative to all other almost 1000 brands in the BrandTicker system. This indexing allows us to compare a wide range of brands from different countries and industries in relevant areas.

For our first analysis of Q1 2021, we focused on German brands. The international appeal of the Adidas brand, which clearly leads the evaluation, can clearly be seen. The attractiveness of the brand is decisive here. Adidas manages to score highly in all four categories thanks to the good reputation of the products.   Pandemic winner DHL also performs well. No wonder, he continues to delight us with the delivery of our orders during this time and thus ensures that we can stay comfortably at home. However, while only internationally known brands can be found in the top four places, Sparkasse also makes it into the top 5, which operates almost exclusively in Germany. The brand benefits from a very balanced profile in both dimensions – but of course the strength of the Sparkasse brand lies in its reliability.

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